Daily Archives: Tuesday, July 10, 2018

  • July 6, 2018

    A couple of friends and I decided to take a day off from fishing and (you guessed it) go fishing for red  snapper in the Gulf of Mexico today. The gulf was almost flat but a few storms were forecast. We made the run in my Shallow Sport X-3 out to the snapper grounds (about a one hour run). It was like riding in a rocking chair. As we stopped the boat there was bait fish on the surface everywhere. The sonar showed a huge school of fish on the structure below the boat. As we lowered our bait, all three of us had a nice snapper on right away. It took about 20 minutes to catch our two nice snapper per person (federal limit). Afterward we began to troll for Kingfish and I had hits on my lure as I was putting it out. We landed a nice Kingfish and started to troll again and had a hit and the fish was taking line. It was a bigger Kingfish and it fought hard. Halfway in the fish came to the surfacew and the back half was gone. Our trip was cut short due to a huge storm bearing down on use and we headed for Port Aransas. It was a great day and the snapper are great to eat.

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  • July 3, 2108

    We had fun and caught fish. The family outing on the bay was both enjoyable, educational, and allowed the entire family to spend a day together. We caught fish, we played in the bait bucket, we watched the dolphins (sometimes as the ate our trout off our hook), and we saw lots of birds of all types. What a great day!