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  • Rockport Fishing Report – May7, 2019

    The saltwater fishing in Aransas Bay near Rockport and Port Aransas is on fire.  Limits of speckled trout and redfish are common.  The bait of choice for speckled trout is croakers.  I use a rattle about 18 inches above the hook and a couple of green beads with a 1/16 oz. brass weight between the beads sliding free just above the hook.  A shake of the rod tip will cause the rattle and the beads and weight to sound off.  All this gear can be found at Tackle Town in Rockport. Redfish are hungry for cut menhaden (Shad) or cut Pin Perch.  Be sure to put the rod in a rod holder or it will go over the side when the redfish strike.  Hold the rod tip high to avoid being cut off on the oyster shells. Give me a call at 956-607-7200 for a day on the bay with Rockport Guides & Charters.

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    Here I am releasing a 28″+ speckled trout. Want one?